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Tri Falls Riding Center

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Tri-Falls is a gorgeous, two-region estate made by people who love horses. The owners, Victorie Amore and Annah Novah, invite one and all to explore, ride, swim, take rides, play games and whatever else strikes your fancy. On the ground, we have riding trails and a 58-jump Cross Country course that takes you through forests, up and down hills and into lakes. Show jumping, dressage and Western are in the sky, along with the brand-new Tri Falls Downs racing center. We also have a full boardwalk with rides and games, as well as hang gliding, a balloon ride, and a big cave system that’s fun to explore.

The landing zone and entrance area is where you'll first arrive, and the balloon ride can be found not far off. The start of the Cross Country course is also nearby, with a horse rezzer for your convenience, and a HUD you can wear to time yourself on the jumps. A teleport board is here, and in many other spots, and you can get a TP HUD as well. There are two sims of riding trails, plus another whole forest sim in the sky. And for dressage riders, Western riders and jumpers, we also have an equestrian platform with everything you need, including horses to rez, or ride your own.

Visitors can also check out Dolphin Cove, near Orca Bay, one of many beautiful spots to walk, relax, or whatever your heart desires. You can also enjoy the boardwalk with its Ferris wheel, bumper cars, bowling and much more. Right on the beach.

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