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How to Use Teeglepets with cartS

This guide walks you through two ways to use Teeglepet horses with almost any carts, carriages, or sleigh on the market, especially those that predate the Teeglepet. These will usually be scripted using g Tapple's Tavatar Carriage Kit. All carts made for Water Horse, Breeder's Choice. and Teegle Horse avatars use this script

The Easy Way (Companion Mode)

For this method, you will sit on the cart normally, attach 1 or 2 teeglepet horses, and adjust the horses to be in front of the cart. No editing of he cart or horse is needed. The cart must meet the following requirements:

1. Be a vehicle (usually, but not necessarily, Tapple's Carriage Kit)

2. Be for 1 or 2 horses

In addition, your horse must be version 1.20 or above. Please update it if it is older than that

Note: you can only attach 2 teeglepets if you have a premium account

======= Instructions ========

  1. Rez the cart, and sit on it's driver's seat as a human

  2. Attach 1 or 2 teeglepets, depending on the cart's configuration

  3. Put the horse or horses in companion mode:

    • Via chat: say /483 variant 3

    • Via HUD: click the button labeled "Companion"

    • Via Menu: click the horse, and choose Animations > Variant > Companion

  4. Edit the horse, and move it so it is in front of the cart

  5. (Optional) If the cart has poseballs for the horses, you can unlink or hide them. You don't need them

Note on selling: I recommend most new carts be made using the carriage kit. If you are making specifically for Teeglepet, either:

  • leave the cart modifiable, so the poseballs can be adjusted or removed (recommended), or

  • include a version without any horse poseballs

The Hard Way (Link the cart)

or this method, you will de-script the cart, link it to your teeglepet, and tell the teeglepet where the cart sits are. This will require a good bit of editing of both the horse and cart, and the cart will take a little bit of effort to remove from the horse again if you want the horse back. Only recommended with copiable horses. This method works with unscripted, decorative carts also, although you will need to find sit animations. The cart must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be modifiable

  2. Be copiable

  3. Be for only one horse. Multiple horses on one cart is not possible with animesh currently, and probably never will be

In addition, your horse must be version 1.0 or above. Please update it if it is older than that

======= Instructions ========

--- 1. Cart preparation: ---

First we will prepare the cart. Mostly, this just means removing all the scripts. Here's the steps:

  1. Res the cart

  2. Unlink the root prim (invisible hull) from the cart, and delete it

  3. Unlink the horse poseball from the cart, and delete it

  4. Unlink the rider poseballs from the cart. but don't delete them.

  5. Take the rider animations from the poseballs into inventory

  6. Delete the rider poseballs

  7. In every remaining prim of the cart, set the prim description to "dontmove"

  8. Optionally, save a copy of the cart. Perhaps call it "descripted"

--- 2. Linking or attaching cart ---

There are two ways to wear the cart:
1. Link cart to horse. This has the advantage of being able to rez it and have multiple riders
2. Wear both the cart and the horse on Avatar Center. This only works for a single rider, but is easier to explain to customers if you sell the cart

Proceed with either way:

- Linking -
Line the cart and horse up, and link them if you choose to. Remember, select the horse last, so it is the root prim

Tip: it helps to set both horse and cart to 0 rotation before starting, and setting both to the nearest whole number in the y axis. This will ensure they are centered. Adjust x and z position from there.


Troubleshooting: If you cannot link the cart, it may be too complex for animesh (too many triangles). Try unlinking some uneccesary details from the cart or horse. This is most likely to affect carriages made for Water Horse Riding Horse, as attached carts have looser complexity limits than rezzed carts.


Troubleshooting: If the carriage falls apart on linking, you either forgot to add "dontmove" to the descriptions, or your horse needs an update to 1.0 or above

- Attaching -

  1. Attach the cart to "avatar center"

  2. If it isn't already, set rotation to 0,0,0

  3. Move the cart until your butt is roughly at the right place on the seat.

  4. Adjust your avatar's hover height until the cart wheels are on the ground (right click you nametag > Hover Height)

--- 3. animation setup ---

Next, we will configure the teeglepet with the rider animations and offsets from the cart

  1. Rez the teeglepet if you were wearing it

  2. copy the rider animations from above into the teeglepet

  3. Copy this into a notecard namod "BASE:Equine:Cart":

    0|riderani|<-2.2, -0.5, 0.0>
    0|chilled3|<-2.2, 0, 0.0>
    0|riderani|<-2.2, 0.5, 0.0>

  4. Drop notecard BASE:Equine:Cart into the teeglepet

  5. Pick up and re-attach the teeglepet if you were wearing it, Otherwise, sit on the teeglepet

  6. Click the horse, and choose the new animation you just added: Animations > Posing > Cart. You will get animation not found error. ignore it

  7. while sitting on/wearing the teeglepet, edit it, and open the BASE:Equine:Cart notecard in it's inventory

  8. Change the rider animation names from "riderani" and "chilled3" to whatever the names of the rider animations you copied into the teeglepet earlier. Save the notecard. It should auto-reload, and you will see your avatar assume that pose

  9. Adjust the offset vector in line 2 of the notecard "<-2.2, -0.5, 0.0>" until you are seated correctly on the cart. Save the notecard (Ctrl-S) each time you change a number, to see the effect

  10. To rotate the pose, add a rotation after the position vector, like |<0, 0, 90>. Example
    0|riderani|<-2.2, -0.5, 0.0>|<0, 0, 90>

  11. If the cart is rezzed, and you have friends, have them sit on the cart also. lines 3 and 4 coorespond to the other two rider seats (if you don't have friends, say "/483 seat 2" to sit in the second rider seat, same for rider 3 and rider 1). Teeglepets, and these notecards, support up to 3 riders

--- 4. Note on selling ---

If you are creating a cart to sell specifically for Teeglepet, it might be a good idea to put the notecard and animations in an installer, to slightly simplify the customer's assembly requirements. Buy the installer kit for free at . If you sell a cart only for attaching, this will eliminate the need for a customer to use the edit tools


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