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Why Teeglepet?

copy or no copy?

What's the difference between Copy and No-Copy Teeglepets?
The only difference between copy and no-copy is how many horses you get. With the no-copy version, you are buying only one single horse, whereas with the copy version, you get infinitely many horses!
Which version is right for me?
If you only need one horse, no-copy is a viable option for you, and will come with all the features of the full, copiable version. If you intend to use many horses - for instance, to create a herd or to decorate a roleplay region - the copy version may be the better choice for you. As a general rule of thumb, we advise that if you intend to have 4 or more horses of the same breed, you should buy the copy version which will allow you to have infinitely many horses for the price of 4, and save you money long term!
Can I customize my horses to look different from one another?
Absolutely! Whether you are using no-copy or copy, each horse can be individually customized with different skin textures, manes, tails, tack, accessories, and even animations. You can make your horses look as different as you want!
What happens if I lose or break my no-copy horse?
No worries! Your pet will never be permanently lost or broken. Our redelivery system works for ALL pets, whether they are copy or no copy! Any lost or broken pet can be immediately replaced, from anywhere on the grid. 

Still not sure?

Copy or No Copy

what you get

  • A-La-Carte design which allows you to pay the lowest price by choosing exactly what you want! Never pay a premium for features you're not using!
  • Wear to ride, Wear to lead as a companion, Rez to ride, Rez as decor or wanderer... all in the same horse!
  • Carry up to 3 riders out of the box! No addons necessary!
  • Allow other people to ride your horse, or set it so only you can ride! Change rider permissions any time you like with just the click of a button!
  • Interactive horse that will interact with its surroundings and with nearby avatars!
  • Rearing, bucking, sleeping, kicking, biting, spooking, whinnying, and other bonus animations included!
What You Get



  • Redelivery for ALL pets: copy AND NO-COPY!
  • Redeliver instantly from anywhere on the grid with your Pet Management HUD
  • Keep track of all of your pets by name, location, and breed on your personalized Pet Management webpage!
  • Never need to visit the store or wait on a customer service response for lost pets!
  • Need an update? Need to replace a broken pet? Just visit your Pet Management Page and redeliver: anywhere, any time. It's as simple as that.
  • Missed your original delivery from Caspervend? Worried that no-copy purchase is gone forever? Just use the pet redelivery terminal at the front of the Teegle store to be taken straight to your Pet Management Page and get your pet back immediately - no muss, no fuss, and no questions asked!

no editing skills necessary

  • Easy link of accessories! Just drop the accessory beside the horse, shift+click the horse, and hit link! Our positioning system will handle all positioning and complicated physics settings for you! 
  • Easy unlink of accessories! Left click your horse and select 'Unlink' from the blue pop-up menu to see a list of attached accessories. Click the accessory you want off, and your horse will drop it for you!
  • Easy skin appliers! No complicated HUDs or confusing texture interface! Just stand near your horse and attach the skin applier. Presto change-o, your horse is now a new color!
  • No Pathfinding required! No need to execute complicated, confusing Estate Manager commands, or to hassle your landlord. No Pathfinding on your sim? NO PROBLEM! Your horse will still work 100%.
No Editing Skills Necessary

tons of customization options

  • Fits HUNDREDS of skin textures created for Teeglepet horses AND Teegle Horse Avatars!
  • Photorealistic, cartoony, fantasy, and so many more options to choose from! Make your look, your way!
  • Beautiful mesh manes and tails, photorealistic english and western tack, medieval-fantasy accessories, wings, horns, and so much more available from our third party mesh makers!
  • Large, active pool of third party developers who are releasing new addons all the time!

don't know where to start?

Customization Options


  • Quick, friendly customer service from our knowledgeable team
  • Transparent, engaging creators who participate in chat, communicate with the community, attend events, and use the products themselves - so they hear exactly what's important to you!
  • In active development, with new features and improvements added regularly, at no additional cost!
  • Incredibly active, friendly, helpful, and welcoming community in Teegle group chat who is able and willing to assist you, even when no official representatives are online!
  • FREE updates - for life!

we love our third party developers!

  • One-on-one help for all mesh creators who are new to Teegle, directly from the Teegle creator herself!
  • Simple to use, almost ENTIRELY AUTOMATED, breed conversion workflow for all rigged mesh accessories!
  • Video tutorials at the beginner level, covering all you need to know to rig and animate for Teegle!
  • 100% FREE texture creation kit with UVs and free desaturated texture base, to use however you want!
  • 5,000L dev kit includes:
    • Full layered photoshop files for all skins, tack, manes, and tails sold in the Teegle store​
    • Full-poly .blend files for each breed of Teeglepet
    • Teegle Horse Avatar to Teeglepet Hanoverian, rigged mesh conversion helper
    • Hanoverian to every other Teeglepet breed, rigged mesh conversion helper
    • Rigged, animated pose stand models to test mesh fit and animations in world. (No need to buy every breed to test on!)
    • Simple texture appliers: just drag and drop to use
    • Interaction script: allows wandering pets to animate with your creations (rezzed, static objects)
    • Animation applier: makes it simple for your customers to add your custom animations to their horse
    • UPDATED FOR FREE with every new breed as they are released! NO NEED to buy every breed! NO NEED to re-buy dev kit when a new breed is released! Just redeliver the dev kit you already own to receive ALL new parts!

ready to start creating?

Third Party Developers
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