update log

Release Version 1.20
October 24, 2020

Added features:

  • New multi-updater! You can now update all of your horses on your sim at the same time!

  • Your horse's texture can now be locked so it does not change with skin appliers! Change this setting in Settings > Texture Lock

  • Your horse will now repair itself if you've accidentally unlinked it! Just link all objects back together in any order and the horse will fix itself into the correct, working link order!

  • You can now customize your horse's channel! Add a comma-separated list of channel numbers to your horse's description line, pick up the horse, and re-rez to give it one or more new channels. eg 483,900,73 would respond to channels /483, /900, and /73 (Default channel is still 483)

  • Camera settings added to Riding HUD! Click the small camera icon on your HUD to try out the camera settings!

  • Ride with your alt-cam position by using the SL Camera setting, to view yourself from the front or side while moving!

  • You can now set different adjust positions for leading your horse versus riding your horse!

  • New companion mode added! Set companion mode on your riding hud to have your worn horse walk beside you while you use your human AO!

  • Horses can now use props! Interacts can link a prop from the horse's inventory to the horse or rider!

  • Horse will now remember your hover height if you have RLV enabled, and automatically adjust it for you the next time you wear your horse!

  • Horses can now choose to follow other nearby horses while wandering!

  • Your horse can now set a mother (or buddy!) If your horse has a mother set, it will be very likely to follow that horse when wandering

  • Hold C or Page Down to get a small speed boost! (Useful for fixing your forms in drill team when you get behind)


Added or Restored menu items:

  • Change Seat: Swap between seats 1, 2, and 3

  • Gear: Set your horse's movement speed

  • Animation > Variant: Swap between motion variants for your horse (Leg lead, Leading horse, Companion mode)

  • Settings > Keyboard Speed: Change the way your horse's speed is controlled with arrow keys

  • Settings > Texture Lock: Lock your horse's texture so its skin cannot be changed with texture appliers

  • Follow > Follow Horse: Select a nearby horse to follow

  • Follow > Set Mother: Sets a mother (or buddy!) that your horse is very likely to follow when wandering

  • Follow > Clear Mother: Removes mother so your horse is equally likely to follow all nearby horses

  • Get HUD/Wear HUD: Gives or attaches the riding HUD


Added for creators:

  • Added to "link to teeglepet script" for carriage makers:

    • ALIGN/OFFSET: Moves the object into place before linking

    • UNLINK_THIS_PRIM: Unlinks this prim from the teeglepet after linking

  • Added variable for animation notecards: typing %IMA% in the notecard will replace with the horse's breed IMA (e.g. Hano, Clyde, APH, Friesian, etc)

  • Mother-only interacts implemented. name interactions BASE:Equine,Mother:Foal:whatever to only do the interaction when paired with the assigned mother


Bug fixes:

  • Horse now refuses to wander closer than 2m from the edge of the sim, to prevent being returned

  • Resetting scripts no longer destroys the horse

  • Pegasus landing animation now only plays on fly to ground transition, not on jump (so wingless pegasi can now jump normally)

  • Fixed error message "Cannot use a script to move a linkset while playing an animation" (we hope for real this time)

  • Stop certain scripts inside horse when they're not in use (performance enhancement)

  • FIxed child legs on shetland

  • Improved interact positioning

  • Fixed menu being named eyelash; menu now uses object name instead of object description

  • Fixed addon walk animations stopping on their own, or not stopping when they should

  • Fixed HUD not working after the horse was detached then reattached

  • Fixed bugs relating to horse>horse and horse>bucket interaction (ongoing process)

  • Fixed instances of walking in place related to vehicle physics

  • Fixed instances of "Cannot use llSetKeyframedMotion() on a physical object." when entering/exiting the water

  • Shift-left while attached causes the horse to walk/canter

  • Walk notecards with only speed lines, no animations, now work, rather than having no effect

  • 2-horse interactions now work in phantom mode

  • Horse now uses camera angle as forward direction if it is within 10 degrees of your avatar rotation. This allows camera huds to still work, but also allows finer control of avatar motion direction. Avatar's reported direction can differ by up to 6 degrees from camera rotation, and appears to be drifting slightly left or right if avatar direction is used during normal operation (without a camera hud)


New chat commands:

  •     /483 texture lock                 Stops the texture slave script, locking the current skin

  •     /483 texture unlock             Starts the texture slave script, unlocking the current skin

  •     /483 texture                        Toggles the state of the script

  •     /483 follow <UUID>              Add the UUID of another horse to have nearby horses follow it (no brackets)

  •     /483 stopallanims                Stop all animesh animations

  •     /483 nc <type><name>      Activates a notecard with the given name. Set name to "off" to turn it off. Examples below:

    •     /483 nc base lay

    •     /483 nc base off

    •     /483 nc ation rear

    •     /483 nc stand graze


New chat commands for Skeleton Horse Only:

  •     /99 heartbeat off                 Turns skeleton heartbeat off (skeleton horse only)

  •     /99 heartbeat on                 Turns skeleton heartbeat on (skeleton horse only)




Release version 1.10
April 26th, 2020

For this version:

  • Please redeliver your teeglepet buckets and troughs, and set out fresh copies in place of the old ones

  • Please redeliver your American Paint Horses to fix a dent in the mesh

  • Please apply this update to all of your teeglepets:

How to apply update:

  1. Wear your Pet Management HUD

  2. Click on the green top bar or on "redeliver" to go to you pet management page

  3. Click "get updater" beside your horse's name. You will need one no copy updater for each no copy horse, and one copy updater if you have any copy horses

  4.  Rez the updater and the horse on the ground, and click the updater

  5. Click "accept" for ONE horse at a time. For copy horses, do not accept the next horse, until the first is done updating

  6. When your horse is finished, pick it up into your inventory and rez it out again to complete installation

  7. Repeat these steps for every teeglepet horse you own

Bug fixes:

  • Horses no longer throwing error messages on interact

  • Horses no longer walking in place or stuck in an animation when wandering

  • Multiple pop up menus on wander and follow fixed

  • Arabian rider animation no longer hovers on dismount

  • No more dent in APH withers (on redelivered horse)

  • Motion script no longer crashing

  • Unrigged prims that don't have "dontmove" in description line now once again snap to center of horse (fixes left-behind invisible prims when adding tack)

  • Horse's home point will no longer appear underground

  • Animation freeze on left and right turn for worn horses now fixed

  • Prevent texture script from crashing and being unable to change texture

  • Fixed another instance of "cannot use a script to move a linkset while playing an animation"

  • Less bouncing when descending hills, and climbing hills is a little easier

  • Horse will automatically rotate itself upright on re-rez (fixes horse falling over after update: LL-level vehicle bug)

Added features:

  • Horses can now interact with horses, buckets, and troughs owned by other users!

  • Horses can also interact with any interactive objects other than buckets and troughs ONLY IF both owners own that interactive object and the horses already contain the interact animation in their contents. (Horses will gain the animations on their own when they've interacted with the object owned by the original owner)

  • Horse switches out of graze mode automatically when ridden

  • Attached horse can now use scripted camera HUDs

  • Horse now switches to walk when you back up. (Turn this feature off or on with /483 kspeed help)

New chat commands:

  • /483 hovertext (0-8)          example: /483 hovertext 7           Sets all nearby horses' hovertext at once

  • /483 access (0-1)              example: /483 access 0                Sets all nearby horses to public (1) or private (0) ride perms

  • /483 kspeed help                                                                       Turn keyboard control of gaits on or off

  • /483 kspeed help                                                                       Enable/disable horse switching to walk speed after backing up

  • /483 resetallscripts                                                                   Safely reset scripts of nearby horses without the horse getting deleted


Known remaining bugs and fixes:
Bug: Horse falls over after update (LL-level bug; we are keeping an eye on this JIRA)
Fix By: Picking up and re-rezzing your horse after update. (Your horse will shout at you to do so)

Bug: Horse stops wandering when left out for a long time
Fix By: Clicking the horse. (Anyone can do this, even people who are not the horse's owner)

Bug: Invisible hull moves behind the horse and causes horse to move strangely
Fix By: Using the chat command /483 resetallscripts near the horse OR use an updater on the horse


Release version 1.01
January 13th, 2020

Bug fixes:

  • Updater objects added to Teeglepet Management Page: deliver yourself an updater to update live horses without redelivery!

  • Updater objects can be used to patch horses who lost inventory while wandering

  • Rider thumbs on clydesdale no longer at a strange angle

  • Rider position on clydesdale graze/grazewalk fixed

  • Rider swim on clydesdale fixed

  • Rider position on friesian rear fixed

  • Hover on rez for American Paint Horse fixed


Release version 1.0
November 24th, 2019

Added features:

  • Animation addon functionality: easily add new walk, stand, wander, and pose animations to your horse!

    •     Walk and Stand animation sets can be paired together to easily swap between all animation sets you've installed in your horse

    •     Cuddles, grooming, and photo poses are now possible! These animation sets will be made and released over time as additional purchases

    •     Instructions for making addon animations and interactive objects are now available in the teeglepet dev kit!

  • Improved wandering AI with rebalanced likelihoods of different actions occurring

  • Graze walks added! Horses will graze walk when wandering or by selecting Animations > Walks > Graze

  • Two-horse interactions added! Wandering teeglepet horses will now animate with one another (Thanks to Monstaar for donating these!)

  • Added poses to cuddle with your horse: lay and relax!

  • Added new hovertext state "Wander" which shows the horse's home position, wander radius, and current distance from their home

  • Added texture HUD to every horse box so you can restore a horse's default texture without redelivery

  • Added stop and back up to autowalk! You can now use the down arrow to cycle from walk to stop to back, and the up arrow to cycle back up again!

  • LE "Bug" and future Limited Edition horses can now change their textures with texture appliers

  • Added chat response when a horse's gender is changed via HUD

  • Whistle gestures added to call or control your nearby horses via gesture (Thanks to Xandrose and Obzi for donating these!)

  • Unlink menu now automatically shows up again after unlinking a prim

  • Completed massive script rewrite for improved optimization!

  • All future script updates will now use an installer prim and will NOT require redelivery and re-setup of your horse!


Bug fixes:

  • Fixed jittery turn animations when worn!

  • Fixed "can't find animation" error message on first interact with buckets and troughs

  • Fixed horses failing to detach from bucket or trough and just standing there for long periods of time

  • Made it so horses stay grazing or laying down when you set them that way

  • Slowed down attached and phantom speed to more closely resemble the speed when sitting on a physical, rezzed horse

  • Readjusted eyeball location to simplify eye closing animations for all horses

  • Eyes now close on lay/sleep animations

  • Fixed sideways tilt in chest for hanoverian, paint, unicorn, and friesian

  • Fixed unicorn mane so that it lies flat against the forehead, not raised/hovering

  • Fixed twisted horse leg on rear animation

  • Added rider animations to rears, buck, paw, and spook from horse's pop-up menu

  • Horses no longer fall over on first rez

  • Prims can now be linked to the horse without snapping to center, if the prim is non-mesh or has "dontmove" in object description. (Allows for creation of carriages!)

  • Fixed new instance of error message "Cannot use llSetKeyframedMotion() on an attachment."


You can now:

  • Wear your horse with smooth walk and turn animations!

  • Restore your horse to its original texture without redelivery!

  • Add new animations and poses to your horse!

  • Swap between stand and walk sets via horse's pop up menu (default and graze available with base horse; others available by purchase from third party animators)

  • Whistle your horse to come/follow/wander/stay via gesture

  • Rear, buck, spook, paw, lay, and relax with your horse via your horse's pop-up menu

  • Pose your horses grazing or laying down for long periods of time

  • Stop and back up your horse in autowalk mode using arrow keys!

  • Easily view your horse's wander parameters with the Wander hovertext setting

  • Apply all future script updates to your horse without needing to redeliver it!

Trough and bucket update:

  • Troughs and buckets also updated to version 1.0

  • Corrected positions for each breed

  • Ponies can now interact with troughs and ground buckets!

  • Corrected trough/bucket animations playing while your horse is wandering, but not at the trough or bucket

  • Highly advisable that you redeliver and replace your troughs and buckets at the same time you update your horses!




Beta Version 0.5.1 Patch
July 1, 2019

Quick Fixes:

  • Copyable pets had one outdated script that prevented them from interacting with buckets/troughs while wandering. Fixed!

  • All pets had incorrect rider animations while backing up. Fixed!


Beta Version 0.5.0
June 30, 2019

Added features:

  • Additional stand animations for APH and Hanoverian

  • Single-pet emotes now enabled!

    • Pets will perform random actions like grazing, laying down, whinnying, and scratching while in wander mode

  • Static object interactions now enabled!

    • Static objects can now be scripted so that wandering horses will interact with them

    • First interactive objects (troughs and bucket feeders) are now available from Teegle for additional purchase

  • Horse will now teleport itself home if it gets too far above or below its home position

  • Added new command: /483 go home

  • List of copyable horses on pet management page now automatically deletes pets that are no longer in-world when a new horse of that type is rezzed

  • Reduced LI on riding HUD to 3 LI

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed inability to jump or fly while worn

  • Fixed animation freeze on horse when crouching

  • Leading the horse now works while worn

  • Fixed horse tinting to white on every rez or wear

  • Improved logic for how the horse handles being stuck

  • Fixed error message "cannot use a script to move a linkset while it is playing an animation" for all instances present on LAST update of horse

  • Hopeful fix for double hovertext bug (difficult to repro)

  • Hopeful fix for horse being unable to turn while worn (difficult to repro)


You can now:

  • Watch wandering pets perform random emotes and actions

  • Watch wandering pets interact with static objects in their wander radius

  • Tell pets to /483 go home

  • Jump and fly with your horse worn

  • Tint your horse and their accessories

  • Allow horses in skyboxes or on platforms to wander (horses who fall will teleport themselves back to their home position)

Known issues:

  • Attached swimming is too fast at canter and gallop

  • Cannot jump while swimming with the horse attached

  • Multiple pop-up menus when toggling wander or follow

  • On first interaction with an object, horse will throw error message that it doesn't have an animation, then proceed to play the animation anyway

  • Horses sometimes exceeding wander radius

  • Horses with more than 30 interaction animation notecards installed will have their menus crash

  • Occasional problems with horses being unable to partner 


Beta Version 0.4.1
April 18, 2019

Bug fixes:

  • Wait 15 seconds after rez to verify registration before soft disabling (laying down/turning black)

  • Fixed lack of speed boost while turning with a worn pet

  • Fixed occasional loss of ability to turn while riding a worn pet

  • Fixed incorrect rider position when walking backwards and turning

Added features:

  • Support for multiple stand animations for pets and riders

  • Animation re-sync any time a rider sits or stands

  • Added group joiner to Pet Management HUD

  • Added marketplace search shortcut to Pet Management HUD

You can now:

  • See multiple stands playing on your pets

  • Turn correctly while riding a worn pet

  • Tint your pet's accessories, mane, and tail using the SL edit window

  • Use your Pet Management HUD to join group or shop new items on marketplace


Beta Version 0.4.0
March 25, 2019

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug calling physics errors on attach: "Failed to set physics shape type. Unexpected behavior may result."

  • Fixed bug preventing avatars from playing rider animations on second attach out of inventory

  • Fixed error message "Cannot use llSetKeyframedMotion() on attachment"

  • Fixed error causing retexture script to crash (preventing some people from retexturing their horses)

  • Fixed gait change via permanent hud when wearing horse and hud both out of inventory

  • Added basic speed control to horse when worn out of inventory (still unfinished)

You can now:

  • Wear your horse out of inventory without seeing error messages

  • Successfully animate with your horse when worn out of inventory

  • Move at speed with your horse when worn out of inventory

  • Autowalk and change gaits when wearing your hud out of inventory

  • Retexture your horse with Teegle Horse skin appliers (if you couldn't before)

Remaining bugs we are aware of:

  • Error message: "Cannot use a script to move a linkset while it is playing an animation. Stop the animation first."

  • Multiple and/or empty popup menus


Beta Version 0.3.0
March 15, 2019

  • Initial beta release