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The 'Frankfurt' Victorian Carriage

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Available for the following breeds:


• Color change with many texture and tint options for body, trim, metals, hood, woods, and seats!

• Articulating front axle that really turns when your horse does!

• *Carriage poles slide perfectly into the breeching for your Teegle Heavy Harness AND connect to the harness' chains!

• *Harness reins move with the driver's hands!

• Carries up to three passengers when your horse is rezzed

• Ride solo in the carriage when your horse is worn!

• Easy install: just rez beside your horse and click! Carriage will install all animations and assemble itself, all on its own!

*Teegle Heavy Harness sold separately

This new release can be found at the 2020 SL Christmas Expo, the event opened on December 4th.

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