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Sunrise Meadows

Welcome to Sunrise Meadows, an equestrian center located in a fun and welcoming community in Grimlocke, Oregon. When visiting, plan to spend a lot of time here - as there are tons of sights to see, things to do, and I'm certain you won't want to leave! This gorgeously landscaped location features a fully functioning stable on the ground, with a multi-platform you can easily access via teleporters. The lush forest trails boast a national park sort of feel and are easy to get lost in, with loads of spots to relax and take photos. Activities include picnic areas, swimming, boating/sailing, barbeque spots, and tons of little caves to explore. The secondary trail provides an awesome change of scenery with more of a nordic themed forest area, and even a tavern.

The equestrian center itself has an indoor arena with trot poles and other exercises, with an outdoor show jumping course, pole bending course, and barrel racing course. The stables, additionally, have stalls for rent (100prims for 130L per week).

You can rez freely here, but if you don't have a horse you'll find several Teeglepet Animesh horse rezzers both near the stables and throughout your travels. (Hitching posts and saddle stands).

Visit Today!

Secondary Trail Location!

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