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Rosewood Meadows Equestrian Gardens

We are a teegle based community with the sole purpose of bringing together all teegle enthusiasts from around the globe to enjoy different teegle activities. We working together to provide a beautiful, fun filled community experience.

We have Home rentals as well as stall rentals in our main stable. If you need assistance with tinting walls in your home grab a home modify request form off of the desk, once filled out drop it in the home modify mailbox on the wall. Make sure you visit the teleport pad near the desk as well to gain access to the additional trails and safari area in the sky.

For all sim rules please read our covenant.

We host weekly events. If you would like to keep up with our events keep an eye on the notices for this group as well as the teegle group.

Please enjoy when you visit, if you wish to receive updates and events join our group Rosewood Meadows.

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