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Mount Campion Caves National Forest

WELCOME to Mount Campion Caves National Forest! Mount Campion is the highest mountain in SL. We have 56000 sq meters of land over three sims. Donations help make this park possible, there are mushroom-shaped donation boxes at various locations in the park.

PLEASE DO NOT ENTER HOUSES OR PROPERTY THAT HAS A "PRIVATE RESIDENCE" SIGN. Please be respectful of residents and the surroundings. This is a quiet place! Please keep voice chat and other noise to a minimum. No nudity or obnoxious behavior, we require good manners. We want to welcome you and we hope you enjoy the park, we do not want to eject and ban you but we will if necessary.

THE CAVES: Below the ridge is a large network of natural caves, an entry point is located here:

There are numerous other entrances throughout the park but not all are easy to see. The cave system is extensive! Remember to think in three dimensions, there are a lot of up and down connections and passages, go slow and look around. There are also torches and a few signs to help you find your way.

THE TRAILS: There are miles of trails for hiking and horseback riding (no motor vehicles). Trails fully encircle Mount Campion and we have extensions of the park in Campanula and Spinach sims, all connected to the trail system. There are trails to the tops of Mt. Campion and Mt. Campanula (second highest mountain in SL). Roam to your hearts content!

EQUESTRIANS: We love horses and we have several properties with horse barns and pastures. We have tried to widen our trails as much as possible to accommodate riders. Please use your mini map and watch for other people and try not to trample them. Visibility is better going uphill on trails, so be especially careful when descending trails. Setting your viewer camera to "side view" sometimes helps.

CABINS: There are cabins, houses, and farms for rent, there is a vendor and more information in the rental office. If you want to rent space for a special occasion or one of the structures that does not have a rental box, let me know what you need, I am usually in-world several times a day.

We have teleporters if you want to see the highlights without walking the trails (we highly recommend that you walk the trails!)

Have fun, take photos, be nice, and enjoy your visit! Contributions, suggestions, and comments are encouraged.

Let me know if I can help you in any way.


Marz (Mar Scarmon)

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