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Mistwalker Ranch

Welcome to Mistwalker Ranch...

If you're looking for a great and welcoming country setting then Mistwalker Ranch is just the place to visit. Upon landing you'll find loads of information and a great visitor's center that highlights various different activities. The teleport board is a must-see to assist in getting around, but you're also capable of rezzing your own horse to wander this great setting yourself! You'll also find Teeglepet Animesh horse rezzers in several different locations (hitching posts). Mistwalker offers a game patio, rodeo arena, dolphin rodeo, jousting arena, jumping track, movie house, event center, mini/tiny horse ranch, a dressage arena, pet shop, dance club, fair grounds, and motorcycle facilities too. For a fun and photogenic place to hang out, saddle up your horse and drop in on Mistwalker Ranch!

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