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Isle Du Noir

The Isle is set in a "Diesel Pun" era early 194X's We are a roleplay sim and the Isle at first seems like your normal Island community set in Bermuda but stay a while and things dont seem to fit quite right...

Strange creatures, noises and disappearances... (Well it is Bermuda right?) and things that go "bump" in the knight.

Most of this is just put down to the Isles nature which is an offshore studio town with its own production studios. If you see a creatures then its gotta be a prop or someone in makeup right? See a flying saucer? "those movie guys are at it again!"

There is intrigue, there is mystery and many just are not aware.. there is danger.

From your small town criminal to things far more mystical or otherworldly if you looked deep enough.

But are aren't just a Roleplay sim! no no we have it all covered here..

Some of the best beaches in SL.. we have our own small sailboat race course, battle boats and surfing for those who with a catch a wave or two. Scuba diving here is great and there are places to explore under the waves here.

And lets not forget our nightclubs.. 3 in fact!

Silhouettes is our premium Ballroom with Djs and live singers on most days

Spectres is our more casual place. If you like to let your hair down and not worry about an evening dress.. this pace will let you rock your little socks off!

Voodoo Lounge is our final hot spot and offers a unique experience of dancing in the streets of the French quarter and have a very much Mardi gras feeling to it.

Fencing.. we also are proud to have our very own Enguarde arena and often stage tournaments for this. Our resident Sword-mistress Morena will be more than happy to help train and tutor those who wish to learn.

Horse riding. yes we do this too.. again, the Lady Morena can help you with this.

If this doesn't get your interest... just come take a look around and get a feel for the place, the people are friendly (well most of them) and more than happy to make you feel at home, "Zoes" down on the waterfront is a bustling hub of gossip and activities so come and have a cup ot coffee or tea and start your adventures here!

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