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Hollybrook Farming Community

Welcome to Hollybrook Farming Community...

Hollybrook is a stunningly landscaped, everyone-friendly, farming community set in the beautiful countryside. The trails here are vast and easy to get lost in, with tons of picturesque nooks and crannies to enjoy. There are Teeglepet Animesh Horse rezzers throughout (hitching posts), and a visit to the office can get you a group invite that will allow you to rez your own horse in certain designated areas. Aside from the trails this community boasts a large roomy barn/stables, equestrian arena, and plenty of places to practice jumping. Visitors can also enjoy beYou roleplay system activities, DFS activities, playgrounds, parks, fishing, swimming, shopping, gorgeous rentals, and even a country club. Keep your eyes peeled in the future for fun events and activities on the Teegle Calendar involving Hollybrook as well.

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