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Updated: Sep 12, 2021

23 Sims

Landmark Description: 19th Century Themed sim

Notes: At this location, the board to the right holds a notecard with all destinations for the 23 sims in this region. Just click on the board and receive your notecard or you can begin your riding path here.

You will need to wear your horse at this area.

The Caledon Directory

A listing of public spaces in the Second Life micronation of Caledon.

Here are a few of the destinations on the notecard:

Caledon Oxbridge Village Park

An Oasis of Green in the center of the already-fairly-green Caledon Oxbridge Village. Featuring a full sized hedge maze. Also, the site of various festivals, regular and otherwise.

Proprietor: Commonwealth of Caledon

Caledon Pensans

Explore the streets, shops, waterfront, gardens, and secret sewer tunnels of Caledon Pensans. Unlike many Caledon Duchies (privately owned homestead sims in Caledon), Pensans is open to the public and designed for exploration and walking tours.

Proprietor: Lady Aev

Caledon South End

Caledon South End, with its carnival rides and public park, ranges from islands to mountains, with shops and home dotting the landscape.

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