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B.O.A. MC Territory

Welcome to B.O.A MC Territory...

At this multi-tiered, dual-sim location you can rezz your horse at the landing zone - or attach it to ride, your choice! You'll also see a Teeglepet Animesh Horse rezzer (saddle stand) nearby, and various teleporters to hit up the different areas and activities offered. This lovely and beautifully landscaped location boasts a horse trail and stables area, roadhouse, choppers shops/area, Christmas town, and tons of trails and roads to explore. Make sure to click the Stables Poster at the Landing Point to teleport to the Trail Head and enjoy, at the end of each trail click the sign to teleport to the next trail. You can even enjoy an underwater area to ride through in your travels. There are tons of great areas to relax and take advantage of photo opportunities.

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