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For first rez after purchasing your new horse, make sure you are on a parcel where you have rez permissions!

Try rezzing an ordinary cube first before placing your new pet, to confirm that you are able to rez.

Make sure you are wearing the correct group tag if rezzing is restricted to group.

Once you have confirmed your ability to rez, drag your pet from your inventory onto the ground.

Your pet will briefly communicate with the server to register itself. When completed, your pet will stand up.

If your pet fails to register, pick it up and wait 15 minutes before trying again.


To rename your pet, simply right click your rezzed pet, edit, and change the name shown in the General tab

The server will remember your pet based on the name you've given it in world, but may take up to an hour to update

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Your horse contains Public and Private privacy settings

To change your horse's privacy settings, left click your horse, select Settings, then Driver Permissions

A horse who is set to Public driver permissions can be ridden by anyone

A horse who is set to Private driver permissions can only be ridden by its owner, and will unseat anyone else who tries to sit on it

Additional privacy settings will be introduced as beta continues, allowing more control over who can ride your pets



To create duplicate pets with your copyable license, simply rez more than one horse from your inventory

Shift-dragging to duplicate these pets will not work, but re-rezzing out of inventory will!

If you lose your inventory copy or need an updated pet, click the "Request A New Copy" link on your Pet Management Page

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Your pet can be rezzed and sat on to ride with up to 3 riders

When visiting a no-rez region, your pet can be worn out of inventory as an attachment

At this time, wear-to-ride functionality is incomplete. Rez-to-ride is suggested for a more complete experience.

To ride a rezzed horse, right click on it and sit

The first rider to sit will be placed in Seat 1 (Front), then Seat 2 (Middle), and last Seat 3 (Back)

To adjust your position, left click the saddle area of the horse and select Adjust

To change who is driving/steering the horse, left click the saddle area of the horse and select Driver

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