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All breeds of teeglepet horse work with all skin texture appliers made for Teeglepet Horses and for Teegle Horse Avatars!

To change your pet's texture, first move it at least 20 meters away from any other Teeglepets you own or pick up other nearby horses

Once separated, wear your skin applier to apply the skin to your chosen pet

Most skin appliers contain only one skin, and when worn will immediately recolor your horse and detach from your screen, all by themselves!

Some skin appliers include multiple variants, like markings or colors, and require you to make your selections from the HUD.

With a variant applier, click the button corresponding to the body part you wish to change, then select an option from the pop-up menu

Continue trying options until you create a combination you're satisfied with, then detach the skin applier HUD



About Linking:

Accessories can be added to your horse by linking them to that horse

Once an accessory is linked to your horse, it will stay on the horse when you pick the horse up to relocate or wear

Before linking an accessory, confirm that the accessory you want to use is made for the same breed of teeglepet that you want to link it to! Accessories will only fit correctly on the breed for which they are made. (Most accessories have versions sold for multiple breeds; check the creator's store to find if an accessory you like has been made for the breed you're using!)

Some accessories require that you change their colors before linking to the horse. Read the instructions that came with your accessory to see if it has any special requirements!

To add a rigged mesh accessory to your horse:

Rez the accessory beside your horse

Right click the accessory and select Edit from the pie menu

Hold the Shift key and left click your horse (make sure to always select the horse last!)

Click the Link button in the edit window

After linking, your accessory will pop into place on your horse by itself! No positioning is required

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To unlink a rigged mesh accessory from your horse:

Left click your horse and in the blue pop up menu, select Unlink

You will see a pop up asking for permission to edit your items; click Allow

The menu will show a list of accessories linked to your horse, with corresponding numbers

Click the number corresponding to the item you want to remove from your horse

The accessory you selected will drop below your horse's belly. Move your horse aside to allow you to click the dropped accessory

If you'd like to save a copy of that accessory, right click it and take it into your inventory, and store it in a folder you can find it again

If you no longer need that accessory or already have a copy of it in your inventory, you can right click it and Delete it



Your horse contains Public and Private privacy settings

To change your horse's privacy settings, left click your horse, and from the blue pop up menu, select Settings, then Driver Perm

A horse who is set to Public driver perm can be ridden by anyone

A horse who is set to Private driver perm can only be ridden by its owner

When horse is set to Private, it will unseat anyone who tries to sit on it who is not the owner

If the owner is already riding the horse AND the horse is rezzed on the ground, a second and third rider may right click to sit behind owner

Additional privacy settings will be introduced as development continues, allowing more control over who can ride your pets!

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Under Construction


Your pet comes equipped with several hovertext settings:

Riding (Default): States the horse's name, version number, and riding instructions. Ideal for sim owners with horses for public use

Name: Horse's name only

Wander AI: Gives useful information relevant to wandering, such as home location and wander radius

Motion Debug, AI Debug, Script Debug: Give useful information for dev use in debugging broken horses

Off: No hovertext



The horses come with several gestures you can use to control your horse, with cute emotes!

Gestures are denoted by the icon of a person with arms in the air and three small lines over their head

To activate a gesture: Right click the gesture in your inventory and click Activate

To edit a gesture: Double click the gesture in your inventory

You can replace the Trigger word with a word, phrase, or hotkey you choose

A trigger word beginning in a / will not show in chat (Trigger word "whistle" will type "whistle" in chat, but "/whistle" will type nothing)

Type the trigger in nearby chat to control your nearby horses!

Default trigger words are listed in the gesture name (/face, /still, /wander, /follow, /stay)

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Under Construction


Your horse's sounds can be muted through the settings menu, if you so wish

Left click on your horse, and from the pop up menu, select Settings, then Sounds

All: Plays all sounds

Actions: Mutes walking/footstep sounds while keeping action sounds like the rear active

None: Mutes all sounds

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