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Find your box at the top of your Objects folder in your inventory

Confirm that you are on a parcel where you can rez (It's a good idea to try rezzing a cube to test, before putting out your horse)

Drag your horse box from your inventory onto the ground

Left click the box to open it, and click Copy Contents To Inventory

Delete the box that was left rezzed in world


After you unbox your teeglepet, you should find a folder in your inventory with the horse contents

Your folder name will begin with [Teegle] followed by the horse's name and breed

The ACTUAL HORSE OBJECT will be the FIRST object at the top of the folder, beginning with quotation marks, reading: "Horse Name" the Horse Breed



Drag your new horse from your inventory onto the ground

Your pet will briefly communicate with the server to register itself

When completed, your pet should be colored correctly (not black), animating, and able to walk if you sit on the horse and use arrow keys.

If your pet fails to register, pick it up and wait 15 minutes before trying again.

If your pet tells you it is disabled and turns black, lying on ground, redeliver your pet and try again.

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Find a parcel where you have the ability to rez

Drag your pet out of your inventory and onto the ground to rez it

Right click your pet and select Edit from the pie menu

Find the Name field at the top of the General tab in the Edit window, and change it to the name you'd like to give your horse




To create duplicate pets with your copyable license, simply rez more than one horse from your inventory

Shift-dragging to duplicate these pets will not work, but re-rezzing out of inventory will!

When customizing multiple copy horses, rez each horse individually to customize one at a time. Rename each horse and pick it up into inventory to save a copy of each horse

If you lose your inventory copy or need an updated pet, click the "Request A New Copy" link on your Pet Management Page

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