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Your pet can be ridden both rezzed on the ground, or worn out of your inventory

To ride a rezzed horse, drag the horse to the ground, right click, on it and select Ride to sit

To ride a worn horse, find the horse's name in your inventory, right click it, and select Add or Wear

To ride with multiple riders (up to 3), your horse must be rezzed on the ground

Each rider should right click the horse and select Ride to sit on it

The first rider to sit will be placed in Seat 1 (Front), then Seat 2 (Middle), and last Seat 3 (Back)

To change who is driving/steering the horse, left click the saddle area of the horse and select Driver



To adjust your position on the horse, first sit on your horse, then left click your horse and select Adjust from the pop-up menu

The Adjust menu will change the position of the RIDER relative to the HORSE

Change the distance you are adjusting by using the 0.01m to 1.0m buttons

Change the direction you are adjusting yourself using the up, down, left, right, forward, and backward buttons

When multiple people are riding, each rider can adjust their seat position independently

When wearing your horse and trying to put your horse's feet on the ground:

First put your rider's butt in the correct position on the horse's back,

Then adjust your horse and rider up or down by right clicking your nametag and going to Appearance > Hover Height

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When you sit on or wear your horse, if you have the ability to rez in your current location, your horse will offer you the Riding HUD

If on a no-rez parcel, the Riding HUD can optionally be worn out of your inventory

The Riding HUD can be used to set your horse's gait: walk, trot, canter, or gallop

More advanced riders may also control their horse using arrow key commands:

To speed up: double tap the UP or W key

To slow down: single tap the DOWN or S key while still holding the UP key (e.g. moving forward)

To jump: single tap PAGE UP or E



Your horse can fly with a rider by double tapping or holding the page up or e key

To fly or fly up: click and hold PAGE UP or E

To land or fly down: click and hold PAGE DOWN or C


 On the teeglepet Pegasus, worn fly and rezzed fly work slightly differently

Rezzed fly:

Has a natural drift that simulates realistic flying motion

Moves faster than worn fly

 Will bounce on the landing, if you hold the down key

Will have greater difficulty crossing sim lines (spin, drift, and lag)

 When landing a rezzed pegasus, release the down key before touching the ground to avoid bouncing

Worn Fly:

Has no drift

Moves at a slower speed than rezzed fly

Will not bounce on landing (safe to hold the down key)

Will not have difficulty with sim crossings

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Flying can sometimes be undesirable when using your horse for competitive racing or jumping, and can be disabled or enabled when needed

To disable flying, left click your horse, and from the pop-up menu, select Settings > Flying > Don't Fly

To reenable flying, select Settings > Flying > Normal

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