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Your home point defines the location at the center of the circle where your horse can wander, when wander mode is enabled

By default, your horse's home point will be the position at which it was last rezzed out of your inventory

Alternatively, your horse's home point can be changed by doing the following:

Stand with your avatar at the desired center of the wander radius

With your horse rezzed nearby, type in chat /483 home

All nearby horses owned by you will now change their home point to the location where your avatar is standing

To test your horse's home point:

Left click your horse and go to Settings > Hovertext > Wander

Send your horse home by typing in local chat: /483 go home



A rezzed horse may be set to wander a circular space on your land

To enable or disable wandering, left click your horse, and in the pop up menu, click Wander, then select Wander or Off

A wandering horse will randomly select to:

Walk, trot, canter, gallop, stand idle

Play various actions including laying down, rearing, bucking, digging, whinnying, scratching, stomping, or spooking

Follow or stand with a nearby player avatar

Interact with nearby interactive objects (sold separately) like food buckets or troughs

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Out of the box, the horse's default wander radius is approximately 15 meters

With default wander radius, it is recommended to rez your horse in the center of a 30x30 meter enclosure

Your horse's wander radius can be changed using the admin chat command /483 homeradius <number>

With your horse rezzed near you, type in nearby chat /483 homeradius <number>

For example /483 homeradius 5 will give your horse a 5 meter wander radius

You can change your horse's home location by picking it up into inventory and rezzing again at the desired home point

Or you can use the admin chat command /483 home to set the home position of all nearby horses to where your avatar is standing



While wandering or riding, a horse may follow an avatar

To enable or disable following, left click your horse, and from the pop-up menu, click Follow, then select either the avatar you wish the horse to follow, or Off

While riding, follow may also be set through the Follow button on the Riding HUD at the top of your screen

Try calling your horse to you from a long distance using the Follow command!

Follow the rider in front of you on a long trail ride to ride without steering!

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Your horse has the ability to play certain emote animations at various times

Emotes your horse can perform include rearing, grazing, bucking, digging, scratching, laying down, whinnying, spooking, and more!

There are a few ways to force your horse to emote on command. Each way offers a few different possible emotes for your horse.

From your Riding HUD (top center of your screen while sitting on your horse):

Use the icons on the HUD to spook, buck, or rear with your horse, or to pat your horse's neck

From the horse's left click pop-up menu:

Select Animations > Posing to lay on your horse's back, or to lay down and cuddle your horse

Select Animations > Action to make the horse buck, whinny, dig, nicker, rear, scratch, spook, and stomp

These animations (in the Action menu) are animations your horse will play while wandering. Not all actions will animate the rider to match.



While wandering, a pet may interact with its nearby surroundings and with other teeglepets!

Two or more teeglepets wandering near one another may randomly groom or greet one another

Teeglepets wandering near an interactive object (sold separately) may choose to randomly interact with that object. For example, a horse wandering near a food bucket may walk over to the food bucket and eat from it


Left click your horse and select Animation from the blue pop-up menu

Select Posing > Choose Partner

Nearby objects that your horse can interact with will light up and glow. Click one to ask your horse to interact with it

Wait for your horse to walk over to the partner object you selected, then select an animation to play out of the pop-up list provided

If no objects glow, either move your horse closer to the interactive object, or verify that the interactive object will work with your horse. Only items specified as teeglepet interactive objects will be interactive with your horses

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