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Your ideal virtual companion
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Teegle is a seller of mesh creatures and decor in the 3D virtual world of Second Life. We have been a proud leader and innovator in the horse avatar community since 2012, and are now thrilled to bring to the grid our line of animated mesh horses, the Teeglepets!


Visit us in world to discover our strong, caring community of creators, horse lovers, and friends!

See what makes Teeglepet the best horse option in Second Life with this full list of facts, features, and community enhancements that the Teegle community has to offer!

New to Second Life? Not a problem! Check out our full guide on how to begin your Second Life as a Teegle equestrian!

Learn how to make your horse uniquely your own with hundreds of third party addons and accessories to choose from.

Learn about becoming a third-party creator for Teegle with our extensive creator toolkit, tutorials, and one-on-one help.

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