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Ville De Coeur Horse Trail & Hunting Club

Updated: Apr 9, 2023

Size: Multi Sim paths

Theme: The theme is French countryside and villages.

Notes: Teeglepet


Animated Horse rezzer (hitching post), 4 villages, two of which are modeled after specific places in France. Riders will need to take detours off the riding trail to get to the villages, but all roads are open to horses. Home of the Herd of the Winds

Region Description: The Ville de Coeur stables are located near the center of the 7 region estate with riding paths and 4 villages. You are welcome to explore, but look out for the trolley and please avoid private homes. water horse, horse,stable,trail,nature,park

A timeless version of the Cote d'Azur in France with a cluster of homes and boutiques near the floral lined beach and villas in the white mountains. Sascha's Designs,Kuumba Gallery,Beaumonde,ville coeur,dancing,jet ski,tai chi

Ville de Coeur Horse Trail & Hunting Club:

Coeur d’Azur Seaside Village & Beach-Ville de Coeur

Herd of the Wind Cabin Coeur Riding Rezzer:

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