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Sa Runa

Welcome to Sa Runa...

We welcome you to the Sa Runa Land. We invite you to enjoy your time exploring our creation, but we respectfully ask for no nudity and the use of good manners when interacting with our visitors, tenants, and staff. You can accept a notecard upon landing that will show you the rules for visiting Sa Runa.

Feel welcome to rez a horse and enjoy the adventure and splendor of our creation. Please dance if you like and relax, enjoying the mountain views and areas with your partner or friends. We hope you can enjoy the romantic surroundings. In addition, we invite you to take photos and feel free to stroll around the entire Sim, we have romantic places everywhere where you can spend time with your friends, family, or lovers. If you like, you also could explore our beloved The Seagulls Lido on the other side of the sim.

If you want, you can add your pictures to our Sa Runa Group on Flickr.

When you rezz something, your own horse, boat or a pose for doing some pictures please feel free to join our Sa Runa Group.

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