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Redwood Meadows

Welcome to Redwood Meadows!

Here, you'll find a fully-landscaped mountain terrain with multiple Teegle horse rezzers (western, jumping, cart and dressage) for those who don't have or haven't brought their own. We feature a full-sim surround riding trail system, two standard jumping courses, a novice show jumping course and a cross-country course - with more to come - as well as several peaceful areas where you can sit and breathe in the calming mountain air either on your own or with a companion. If you enjoy your visit, please consider joining our free group - Redwood Meadows - for both rezz rights and to stay current on new activity additions as well as any future special events.

Family owned and operated, we are a small independent establishment for the equestrian-minded community. If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please don't hesitate to contact either Jr Redwood (Jr88 Fright) or my daughter Trixxie Redwood (Trixxiepixiee Resident).

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