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Accentaury, Qeddoq, and Sparquerry

Updated: Aug 20, 2023


Enjoy riding your horse along trails that span 3 neighboring sims built by Haveit Neox and Lilia Artis. Paths wind around natural settings, hillside villages and monuments. There are no private areas on these sims, you are free to explore whatever you find, and there is a lot for the curious visitor to see and do. Some of the amenities include museums, a library, restaurants and cafes, free hotels for those who want to stay a while, fully functional train lines that service all three sims, boating, parks, caves, and much more. Centaurs and humans have coexisted here since 2010. Signs in both English and a centaur language of symbols guide the visitors from the main sites to the most remote corners. Some structures dating back to Accentaury’s and Sparquerry’s earliest histories from 2010 still survive, with some remodeling over the years. Wide horse trails and open fields traverse large parts of the sims except in some of the older quarters where exploration is easier on foot. Each of the three regions has its own flavor, yielding a variety of experiences. Everyone is welcome, and if you don’t have a horse yet, there is a free horse rezzer at Qeddoq and Sparquerry. Whether you travel on four legs or two, we look forward to your visit. Welcome.


Established in early 2010 with Western and Central Asian influences, this region might make you feel you’ve stepped into Scheherazade’s “A Thousand and One Nights”. Accentaury is the main cultural hub of the three regions and the most complex, with many layers built into the land. The harbor transforms itself into a piece of sculpture that laps its architectural edges against the shoreline. Despite the narrow passages of the crowded city, wide horse trails gain access to most major points of interest and there are areas of spacious landscape and plazas as a counterbalance.

Accentaury - Equus Fields

Accentaury - Paper Tower Court


The youngest of the 3 sims, established in 2019, Qeddoq has ample open space as well as extensive caves, a playground in the broad field, and a lively restaurant that serves food into your hands. The ambience of the region is European, and the whole of it is built in and around a low crater which dominates the landmass. A horse rezzer at the train station makes riding the trails fun for everyone. Besides the architecture by Haveit and Lilia, there is also a pavilion by Sharni Azalea, and an opera foyer by Alia Baroque.

Qeddoq - The Ant Hill

There is also a horse rezzer here.

Qeddoq - Crater Gardens


This region has strong influences from Asia’s subcontinent. Built in early 2010, most of the original structures were torn down to accommodate the massive temple erected in late 2011 for the LEA exhibit “Second Libations” which celebrates a long history of centaur rule with abundant equine imagery. The extensive fire of 2023 consumed half the temple, but the damaged section was replaced with gardens, opening greater space for the horse trail and grazing. The main towers still stand as a testament to its past. Sparquerry was one of the Second Life sims participating in the Real Life museum exhibition at Santa Fe “Currents 2012”.

Sparquerry - Temple of the Bots

Sparquerry – Tree House

Sparquerry - Horse Rezzer

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