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The Kids Zone

The Kids Zone is Child-Friendly and 100% PG.

Rezzing is allowed, but it is requested that visitors pick up their objects when they are done.

Welcome to The Kids Zone! This location is a PG setting with a welcoming atmostphere and family fun for all. Regardless of who you are you'll find something to enjoy at The Kids Zone. Upon landing there is a Teeglepet Animesh Horse Rezzer (or you can rezz your own horse), along with a handy teleport board to help you navigate the various activities that this sim has to offer. In this beautifully landscaped location you'll find:

★ The Kids Zone Clubhouse:

☆ Discover your new favorite shop and places for kids to go from our ad. Boards

☆ Freebies section

☆ Coloring pages with occasional coloring contest with prizes

★ Gaming Area:

☆ Indoor arcade games and outdoor table gaming areas

☆ 17 different video games, 3 working pool tables, basketball, skee ball, tetris, casino games, bubble pop, air hockey

☆ 18 different table top games

☆ 4 lane bowling alley

★ 4 different Playgrounds.

★Beach area

☆ Giant water slide

☆ Rezzable rafts

☆ Swim-able water, simply click on it and sit (see ripples in water).

☆ Relax in the sun on a lounge chair

☆ Build a sandcastle

☆ Volleyball

☆ Take a walk up to the lighthouse.

☆ Don’t forget to stop at the snack bar for refreshments!

★ Bumper boats

★ Horse Area:

☆ Rez your own horse, or get one from one of the horse rezzers.

☆ Take a relaxing trail ride

☆ Horse Arena~ jumping courses, barrel racing, have fun with the balloon popping game.

★ 14 hole Mini Golf Course.

★ Balloon popping pit

★ Movie Theater

★ Concert & Music Area

★ Krafties

★ Budderflyz

★ Roller Skating Rink

★ Underwater observatory, with mermaid swim

★ Laser Tag

★ Archery

★ Play House

In addition to all of that- the trails are truly endless here and lead upward into a winding multi-tiered, multi-themed setting that is a joy to explore. If you're looking for photo opportunities you'll find no shortage of them along the roads.

Visit Today!

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