Summer Quest

Welcome to Summer Quest at the Four Bridges sims, where you can enjoy nature and outdoor recreation. Come ride your horse along Otter Point Road; a narrow, somewhat treacherous yet scenic road along the sea cliffs. This trail is great for a casual trot or a single file trail ride. Additionally, there is an extensive hiking trail network that runs through forests, past scenic waterfalls and across mountain peaks. Go canoeing across the water into a vast sim-spanning canyon. The lakes are also great for snorkeling, and there are places to jump off and take a deeper dive into aquatic places. Several chairlifts can take you from point A to point B, but perhaps the best way to get around is to explore! Hike around, visit the wildlife and have an epic picnic lunch. It's said that a remarkable set of caves has been mapped out as well (for those curious what lies beneath).

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