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Sinful Valley

Updated: Sep 27, 2022


Welcome to Sinful Valley!

Rebuilt to give it a little hint of a fantasy land!

To rez your horse, simply join our group in the landing.

This is the home of the Raven Riding Center and Raven Academy. There is plenty to do here and we encourage everyone to do some horse riding and join in our riding and social events. We also have a couple of adult areas which are all open for everyone to use. There is plenty of information on the sim floating around and TP's to help you get there faster. (To use the TP's, select your destination on the TP board using the < > 's, left click on the picture and accept the experience.)

If you are interested in being a part of the sim, we are seeking riding instructors for the riding center, DJ's and Hosts for our club Celestial Enchantment, and of course students, party goers, riders and everyone who just wants to have a good time! Feel free to bring your friends and lovers over to explore and experience everything our sim has to offer.

You can join our group at the landing to keep up to date on sim activities or simply say hello over your morning coffee!

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1 Comment

The riding trails are well marked out and it is truly like riding through a real forest! Loved it!

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