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Silver Moon

Welcome to Silver Moon...

In this quiet country setting you'll find no lack of open space, peace, and tranquility. Silver Moon is open to visitors and trail riders that are eager to explore and take in all of its beautifully landscaped sights. The trails feel endless here, and you'll find no shortage of nooks and crannies for relaxation and incredible photo opportunities. These trails lead from a rural barn up and into an exciting mountain trek which can take quite some time to travel - but the stunning views are worth the trip. Aside from the trails, near the landing point you'll find a teleport board that will really help you check out everything this location has to offer. Common hot spots include a waterside campsite, the stables, waterfall trail, cliffside trail, eventing platform, boat dock, and hang gliding. On the eventing platform you'll find an exciting jumping course, full size race track, dressage arena, and other equestrian related game spaces.

Don't pass on the chance to visit Silver Moon and enjoy everything it has to offer!

Visit Today!

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