SecondLife Equestrian Federation

Welcome to SecondLife Equestrian Federation, TeeglePet and TeegleAvatar Showgrounds. The SLEF offers a realistic horse show experience in Second Life using the TeeglePets. The show staff bring a wealth of real life horse show experience and offer weekly classes. If you ever dreamed of showing horses in real life, or have shown and are looking for a fun gaming outlet for your horse passion, you have found your home.

Role Play and the SLEF: Our goal is to create a realistic immersive experience. Role Play is more activity based, life-style and conversational. It may not be para, but that doesn't mean it is not detailed or immersive. We encourage everyone to create and exhibit as if their horses were real. This means looking at genetics, breed standards, picking disciplines to match the breed and creating pedigrees. The role play offers an opportunity to learn and have a better understanding of horses. Showing horses in SL is also a great group and family activity.

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