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Romantic Shore


If you're looking for a fun place to race come and visit Romantic Shore!

This lovely location offers a serene and quiet atmosphere to relax, race, or just generally visit and hang out with friends. On the landing zone you'll find a Teeglepet Animesh Horse Rezzer (hitching post), along with a few Teeglepet Strider Birds and Thoroughbreds to ride around the massive race track. If you join the group you can rez your own horse or pets to ride as you please. Near to the private stable you'll also find a few un-labeled jumps that are fun to hop over as well. Aside from the horse track and field, near the leanding point, visitors can use a teleporter that will take them to other locations on the sim. These locations include: A main beach, reef, car and bike track, dungeon, beast caves, and a pretty ballroom in the clouds.

Visit Today!

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