Dreamweaver Equine Vineyards

Looking for a gorgeous venue with equestrian activities for everyone? Dreamweaver Equine Vineyards is definitely a place to visit! This location features a beautifully landscaped sim with Teegle horse rezzers placed in many different areas, but you can also rez your own horse to enjoy the setting as well. Visitors and riders can partake in a large and immersive cross country course, enjoy the various nooks and crannies to relax, and mosey about on the trails to explore what the land has to offer. Upon visiting the Equestrian center one can find a teleporter that leads to even more trails to ride in the sky that are just as lovely and peaceful as those on the ground level. There are additional cabins to rent and relax in up above and the Equestrian center also features a winery, pizzaria, and ice cream parlor for a welcoming family environment.

Dreamweaver Equine Vineyards is currently looking for an Event Coordinator and those interested should contact Misty.Singer for more information. A home and stables on the ground will be provided with the job, along with potential earnings on tips. This venue is also seeking trainers and looking to expand in activities such as barrel racing and pole bending. Don't pass up the opportunity to visit DEV this summer if you're seeking equine related activities, or simply looking for a peaceful place to relax.

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