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Blackhearts Cafe & Equestrian Trail

If you're seeking a lengthly trail riding experience with a dash of western charm, Blackhearts Cafe & Equestrian Trail is certainly a spot to check out. This location boasts a very long trail on a multi-tiered build with both desert and woodland themes to pass through. There are various pit stops along the road including but not limited to: A post office, sheriff's office, lakeside cabin area with a resting campfire, outhouses, wagons, and a saloon themed cafe/bar toward the end. There are plenty of areas to relax and water your horse in your travels here, and the bridges, valleys, and overall scenery make for some great photo opportunities.

You can rezz at the landing zone upon arrival, or opt to use the Teegle animesh horse rezzer conveniently placed nearby. Be sure to drop in to Blackhearts to explore and see what this location has to offer!

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