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Angel Manor Estates

Angel Manor Estate is a cultural mecca created in 2007 to showcase the highest quality of the arts of Second Life, in music, art and content creation. Since then, we have been driven by the power this virtual world has to offer by allowing all residents of Second Life a place to escape to and rest their soul in our world of creativity and grand splendour. Themed as a modern day aristocratic palace, we create an environment that allows our visitors, residents and staff to experience a standard of life and culture that encourages, inspires and motivates us to live our best lives in both worlds

My Intro:

My first impression when I landed here was "wow" I was stun into total silence when I saw how outrageously gorgeous this place was.. It was like teleporting into a story.. This place is just full of rich beauty and I do not even think I had discovered it all.. I bring to you for our group one of the oldest places in Second Life that is full of Rich beauty and Culture rarely seen.

I had the pleasure of taking a horse back tour with the Co Founder and General Manager of the Estate Kezzy Forwzy and she took me to places I didn't even know was here. There are hidden secret Gardens, including a Zen Garden, Although she asked that we not ride in the Zen Garden but we can walk through it, plenty of paths and open grass land to ride, gallop canter and enjoy tho.


The Estates has 3 Full Sims and 9 Homesteads

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