Chat Commands

/483 home

/483 homeradius #

/483 wander

/483 go home

/483 wander nav

/483 come

/483 maxgear #

/483 kspeed help

/483 hovertext (0-8)

/483 access (0-1)

/483 wander off

/483 follow off

/483 follow

/483 follow (name)

/483 kspeed help

/483 resetallscripts

/shout /483 hovertext 0

/shout /483 come

/shout /483 follow

/whisper /483 follow

/shout /483 wander off

/whisper /483 home

/shout /483 wander nav

Set all nearby horses wandering

Set a home point for a horse near you without altering the home point of farther away horses

Stop all nearby horses from wandering

Ask a horse near you to follow you, without also grabbing a horse from farther away

Call all of your horses running to you from far away

Find a lost horse that may be somewhere nearby

Turn off hovertext on all nearby horses

Safely reset scripts of nearby horses without the horse getting deleted

Enable/disable horse switching to walk speed after backing up

Follow the avatar specified (e.g. /483 follow Teager)

Follow you

Stop following

Stop wandering

Sets all nearby horses to public (1) or private (0) ride perms (e.g. /483 access 0)

Sets all nearby horses' hovertext at once (e.g. /483 hovertext 0)

Turn keyboard control of gaits on or off

Set the max speed/gait of your horse when wandering or following to 0 (walk), 1 (trot), 2 (canter), or 3 (gallop)

Call your horse(s) to you

Wander with interactions and emotes

Send horse to its home location

Wander by walking only

Set the wander radius to # meters away from the home position (e.g. /483 homeradius 5 for a 5 meter radius)

Set the home position to the location where your avatar is standing (not where the horse is standing)

Adding /shout before a command will apply that command to all of your horses within 99 meters. Useful applications:
Adding /whisper before a command will apply that command to all of your horses within 10 meters. Useful applications: